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Vote Joel Lewis for U.S. Congress on August 9

Vote Joel Lewis for U.S.
Congress on August 9

Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District

Joel Lewis for U.S. Congress

Joel was born and raised in Wausau, WI, by a single working class mother. She worked swing shift factory hours at Wausau Papers for the majority of his childhood, while his dad served in the Marines. The sacrifices they made in order to be successful taught Joel and his siblings to work hard and to never give up. He has 3 siblings.

Currently, Joel is serving his second term as a County Board Supervisor in Marathon County. He is serving his second year of a three-year term as a Consumer Board Member at a Federally Qualified Health Clinic. Joel and his wife Melissa served as Board Members of NAOMI (a WISDOM Affiliate), as representatives of The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist. He also served on the Vestry at St. John’s for 3 years.

WisconsinEye Interviews Joel About His Run for the 7th Congressional District

Mary Thao in Letter to the Editor: “Vote Joel Lewis”

Wausau resident, Mary Thao, encouraged readers of the Wausau Daily Herald and the public to vote for Joel, stating, “We need young professionals in public office, and Joel Lewis, who is running in the Democratic primary in the 7th Congressional District, is the individual to get the job done.”

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Wausau Daily Herald: Things to Know About Dems Challenging Duffy

“Lewis sees himself as a member and champion of the working class. He is concerned about federal debt and wants to rearrange, rather than increase spending, he said.” – WDH (Online), 8/1/16

Joel will be facing one other candidate in the 7th District Democratic primary on August 9th.

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Latest News

Joel on the Opiate Epidemic

The song Heron Blue in the video is performed by Sloppy Joe and written by Gavin Schaberg – many thanks to them for giving the Lewis for Wisconsin Campaign permission to use the music.

Joel Speaking  in Rhinelander

Joel on Economic Inequality

The song Heron Blue in the video is performed by Sloppy Joe and written by Gavin Schaberg – many thanks to them for giving the Lewis for Wisconsin Campaign permission to use the music.

Key Issues

Economic Inequality


Whether we’re talking about low wage jobs, jobs with no benefits, the cost of higher education, student loan interest rates, the decline of unions through legislation, the cost of healthcare, the strain of trying to be a sustainable independent farmer, or the struggle of running a small business in today’s economic climate, we are talking about economic inequality. They are llustrations of banks and corporations being more important to our politicians than the welfare and success of good, hard-working citizens.

Climate Change & Green Technologies


All across the Northwoods of Wisconsin, folks are struggling to find and keep good paying jobs. There has been a severe lack of investment in any good paying jobs that do not promise to pollute the Great Lakes or our sacred and economically important waterways. Whether you believe that humans are speeding up climate change or not, these issues are critical. The fact is that green technologies are the way of the future, and Wisconsin can be at the forefront.

Mental Health & Healthcare


Investment in mental health has been declining over the last 40 years, and investment in criminal justice and corrections has skyrocketed. This has happened as a result of deinstitutionalization policies under Reagan and the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs has created a society that looks at drug abuse and addiction as a crime rather than a mental illness. This has created a “go get the bad guys” kind of attitude from the top down, rather than a good-faith, effective, and cost-effective policy approach.

Social Security


We must protect and preserve Social Security and Medicare. It is a promise to every single American that has paid in. It is insurance! It insures that if one of our hard working citizens gets sick or retires, that they will still have a house to go to after. It insures that our disabled are cared for rather than left in the cold or housed in our jails. If we lift the cap on millionaires, it can be solvent. Send me to Washington, and I will fight for the working class, because I am the working class.